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~Orphan Ellie Foster Jewelry FUNDRAISER for the DSWT~

Shop > ~Orphan Ellie Foster Jewelry FUNDRAISER for the DSWT~

Orphan Ellie Foster Jewelry-we're helping baby orphaned African Elephants one piece of jewelry at a time!

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WILD :: Kenya's Elephants and The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust from Village Beat on Vimeo.

So many times, one wonders how they can have an impact on a HUGE problem, half a world away.  Because of this, people may not act at all because they don’t feel like any one person can make a difference.  After visiting Africa and spending time at an elephant sanctuary, I’ve found a way to help out the orphaned baby elephants while bringing awareness to the ever growing illegal ivory poaching crisis that is endangering the majestic African Elephant.  With each sale of Orphan Ellie Foster Jewelry, foster funds are raised and directly sent to the DSWT-Orphan Elephant Project to foster the orphaned baby elephants in their care.  




 When two "Ellies" meet........... 


I was born an elephant lover!  Not only am I named "Ellie", but my very first memory in my life centers around elephants.

I was three years old when I first saw an elephant.  My family was watching a nature show about elephants.  The huge, grey creatures were mesmerizing to me and in that moment I saw a small baby elephant calf surrounded by its family.  It was swaying back and forth as it walked among the herd while its mother and family members lovingly wrapped their long trunks around it, surrounding it with love and safety.  In that moment, I felt what I can only describe as that feeling of seeing one's "soul mate" for the first time.  The bond was immediate and complete.  I remembered seeing such a creature on my sister's bed and so I went directly to her room, crawled up onto her bed and found my treasure.  A beautiful stuffed elephant that I would love for all of time.  From the age of three on, my love of this majestic creature has been a soulful and passionate one.

In 2004, I spent two weeks in Africa and was blessed to spend time at an elephant sanctuary.  I knew from that first moment of touching and interacting with a majestic and beautiful pregnant female elephant who was the matriarch of her herd, that the plight of the African Elephant and the ivory poaching crisis would be one that would deeply touch my soul.

Since then, I knew that I needed to help out in any small way that I could.   So many times, we wonder how we can help out a HUGE problem when it's just one person, halfway across the world.  I feel that I have found a way to help.

Every Sudsy Elephants Soaps & Orphan Ellie Foster Jewelry purchase will help fund the rescue, adoption and care of orphaned African Elephant babies by The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust-Orphan Elephant Project.  These orphaned elephants are rescued and stay at the DSWT until they are re-introduced into the wild.  We'll post links to each orphan and their story of its rescue and rehabilitation to re-enter the wild, so that everyone can directly see where the fundraising $'s are going.

100% of the net proceeds from the sale of these soaps & jewelry pieces will go directly to the foster fund for these elephant orphans.

Together we can make a difference, one piece of jewelry at a time!


The idea for Sudsy Elephant Soaps & Orphan Ellie Foster Jewelry as a way to help fund $ for the foster of the baby orphan elephants at the DSWT came about as a result of a devastating knee injury that I suffered back in 2011. Here is my story of how Dame Daphne Sheldrick, founder of DSWT inspired me to overcome a huge obstacle while finding a way to help baby elephants halfway across the world.

It was during my long rehab period starting in the fall of 2011 for my knee injury that I first learned of Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick and The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust-Orphan Elephant Project.  I discovered the DSWT through online resources and watched all of the videos and news coverage stories about her elephant nursery.  I was moved greatly and wanted to help out in any way that I could. Then in May of 2012, I read a book by Dame Daphne that would forever change my life, "Love, Life & Elephants: An African Love Story" by Dame Daphne Sheldrick. I instantly felt a strong connection to Dame Daphne Sheldrick. Ironically, years ago she suffered a devastating leg/knee injury to her right leg and underwent several surgeries (the last being a graft surgery similar to mine), many weeks in a CPM machine to bend her leg and many months of physical therapy rehab to regain the use of her right knee/leg. AND she's an elephant lover! This hit far too close to home for me as I underwent several surgeries, 6 weeks in a CPM machine and then many months spent in physical therapy rehab for my right knee.  AND I'm an elephant lover!  Imagine my surprise when reading through her life story, that I learned that she went through a very similar devastating injury and rehab experience.  Her strength was an inspiration to me to overcome my circumstances and I came out the other side stronger and determined to help make a difference in the life of the African Elephant and other conservation efforts in Africa.

It's more than fate when something comes into your life when you need it most. That happened to me last May. Thus-the idea was born for Sudsy Elephant Soaps & Orphan Ellie Foster Jewelry Fundraisers as a way to help out orphaned baby African Elephants at her elephant orphanage in Kenya. And it's now an official fundraiser for The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust-Orphan Elephant Project. God works in mysterious ways! 


The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) keepers & DSWT Orphan Kamok pose with their Orphan Ellie Foster Necklaces @ the DSWT Orphan Nursery in Nairobi, Kenya Africa. May this necklace protect each keeper as they protect the baby orphan elephants while they continue to grow and thrive under the protection and care of the DSWT.


Here is a current list of DSWT orphan elephants that Orphan Ellie Foster Jewelry sales has fostered: Click on each orphan's picture to learn more about their rescue by the DSWT!

lempautelempauteplayingball      arruba       

             #1-Lempaute                                      #2-Arruba


lentili    rorogoi    kamok

#3-Lentili              #4-Rorogoi              #5-Kamok 


ashaka     Oltaiyoni  

 #6-Ashaka                   #7-Oltaiyoni

 Mashariki  Suswa  vuria

 #8 Mashariki                  #9 Suswa                #10 Vuria


 faraja  ngasha   laragai

#11 Faraja                  #12 Ngasha             #13 Laragai

zongoloni  Lemoyian  Mudanda

#14 Zongoloni               #15 Lemoyian              #16 Mudanda

Ziwa  sokotei  kauro

    #17 Ziwa                   #18 Sokotei               #19 Kauro

garzi mbegu jasiri

     #20 Garzi                  #21 Mbegu                  #22 Jasiri

BalgudaKithaka nelion

     #23 Balguda               #24 Kithaka               #25 Nelion 


bomani   teliki    sonje

     #26 Bomani                #27 Teleki              #28 Sonje

murit  narok  orwa

         #29 Murit                #30 Narok                #31 Orwa

dupotto sirimon

     #32 Dupotto               #33 Sirimon                  

A March 2014 Orphan Ellie Foster Jewelry Fundraiser for The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust-Orphan Elephant Project raised $3,732.45! That amount can support 74 DSWT orphans! All funds raised were directed towards the Orphan Project by the DSWT. Well done DSWT Supporters!


“Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”

 ~Quote by Archbishop Desmond Tutu~


~Orphan Ellie Foster Jewelry~


 Each and every piece of Orphan Ellie Foster Jewelry is lovingly handmade by me, a fellow elephant lover and passionate DSWT supporter. As I create each piece, I pick one of the DSWT orphans and say a prayer for that orphan as I'm creating that piece of jewelry for a fellow DSWT supporter. It is my hope that very piece of jewelry will then remind the wearer of their favorite DSWT orphan with every wear!

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Orphan Ellie Foster Bracelets
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Orphan Ellie Foster Necklaces
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Orphan Aisha Collection for DSWT
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